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Frequently Munched-on Questions & Answers

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Placing a corporate catering order

When do I need to submit an order by?

For the largest selection of restaurants it's best to place an order 24 hours in advance. If a last minute event comes up, live chat with us and and we’ll do our best to help you out!

Is there a minimum amount of food that I need to order?

Because we are a catering service, the minimum order amount is $100.

What areas do you currently service?

Currently, Moby can be found in San Francisco, South Bay, New York and Austin. We're quickly growing and choosing more areas for expansion. If you want Mobydish in your area, give us a shout out on Twitter (@Mobydish) and we'll try our best to swim over!

Why does it seem like there aren't that many restaurants on Mobydish?

At Mobydish, we prefer quality over quantity. It's true that we don't have hundreds of restaurants, but that is intentional because we want to make sure that the restaurants that we do partner with have the absolute tastiest food! We encourage you to take a chance and try a new restaurant if you can't find a particular one you like because we love showing our customers new, delicious options for catering!

What do I need to know before I can place an order?

All you need to tell us is the date and location of your event, how many people will be attending, and your budget. (Yup, you don't even need to know what food you want!) From there, we can recommend restaurants and meals based on your preferences or you can do it all on your own online.

What if I don't have time to build menus online myself?

No worries! Our team can send over menu suggestions, and our proprietary technology also suggests menus. But since we're humans, and since we all need to communicate more in this world, please use the contact page to let us know more about your needs and you'll get a taste of the Moby love!

What if I want my team to order on their own?

No Problem! After entering your address, make sure to select "Individual Portions" and select a restaurant. From that page, click on "Start group order" and you'll be able to share a link with your team to let them order on their own! Pretty Cool!

But I want to stay in control of my budget! How do I do that?

When creating a group order, you'll be ask how much your company is willing to sponsor for the meal, if your team orders more, they'll be individually charged! You can also order individual portions for everyone if you enjoy the concept of feeding others :) We know we do!

What about the Catering host and Premium service options? Tell me more!

The catering host will stay on-site for a couple of hours from dropoff time and will make sure everything looks impeccable and clean afterwards so you don't have to! The Premium service is the high-end catering service allowing you to use Mobydish for any type of celebration, including wedding, an IPO celebration, big client closing and much more!

Payment + Refunds

My event got canceled! What do I do now!?

Oh no! Live chat with us for some help! Unfortunately, we do require 24-hour notice to be able to process a cancellation. However, if your order is less than 24 hours away and you need to cancel, please do reach out. We can potentially cancel your order on a case-by-case basis for a small fee.

How do I pay my catering order by invoice?

You need to contact us by mail or chat so that we can setup a recurring account for you. We usually need you to place some orders by Credit card though :)

My event went viral and now I need to add more food! Can I do that?

Yay! Sure thing, here’s what to do next

If you created an account AND it is more than 24 hours before your event you may log in and modify your order by checking your order history to add more food.

If you did not create an account, live chat with us, we're here to make sure everyone at your event is stuffed!

How do I create an account?

You can signup from the login form or while placing an order. In that case when you're asked to provide your contact info, check the "Create an account" box. You'll be asked to choose a password, and your account will be created after you've completed payment.

I have a discount but I don't know how to use it!

Place your order just like you normally would but when you get to the end, before you pay with your card, there will be a field that says, “I have a discount code.” Click here and input your code!

Wait, how do I get a discount code?!

Refer a friend to us, reach out before you place your first order, find us during our street campaigns (@Mobydish for more information!), or just be a loyal customer!

The day of your event

Do you provide labels for food items?

Always! Labels with the restaurant name, food name, and food description are included as part of our service. Labels will also indicate allergens and dietary restrictions (gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, nut free, etc.) whenever the information is provided by the restaurant(s).

Does your delivery staff help me set up

Of course! Set up is always included, and our trained catering crew takes care of everything, from setting up the food so that it is ready to be served, to placing labels in front of all the dishes. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy!

Please note, when you’re feeding more than 60 people, please allow additional time for set up when you schedule your delivery time.

Can you deliver outside of an office?

We love challenging operations at Mobydish! We've already delivered in the middle of Central Park, in classrooms and in other specific locations. Don't be scared, but do share as much detail as possible so we can find you right away!

Can your staff stay for my event?

Most definitely. We can provide a premium set-up (chafing sets, sternos), as well as have our trained Moby crew stay onsite at an additional cost. If you're interested, check the "Premium service box", and enjoy the elite experience!

Do you sell alcoholic beverages?

Nope, we do not sell alcoholic beverages. We are happy to recommend other companies that can provide alcoholic beverages for your event.

Mobydish made my event the best one yet! How can I thank you??

Awesome! Glad we helped you out! Feel free to share the love on our Yelp Page!

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