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Group Order with Mobydish

Group ordering for offices simplifies the process of ordering food for your team. With our platform, you can easily choose one restaurant, set restrictions and share it with the team, or let us do it for you. You'll have access to a variety of cuisines to choose from, and the ordering process is streamlined and efficient, saving you time and hassle. Plus, with the ability to track orders, collect feedback, and split payment, group ordering makes it easy to keep your team fueled and focused on what really matters: getting work done.

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A Personalized Experience For Everybody

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Group lunches for every taste

The group ordering tool allows users to create a group order in just a few simple steps. Select from great restaurants in the area, days before the order or same day, customize your group order settings like budget, and deadline, automatically send reminders, and instantly share a calendar of upcoming group orders to select food from.

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Keep everyone excited

Employees get to select their own meals, and companies get to control everything else—it’s a win-win! Set a budget for cost-per-meal so employees stay in range or pay the difference, set a deadline for orders, and automatically track who has chosen their meal.

How It Works


Select and share a restaurant

Choose from Mobydish’s curated restaurant partners and share the menu with your whole team. You can add employee emails in the Mobydish app or share a link.


Set a budget

Our group ordering tool makes it easy to stay on budget—set a maximum per person or allow employees to pay above the budgeted amount.


Order a little extra

The group order tool allows you to select a default meal option, meaning a team member who doesn’t make a selection won’t be left hungry.


Settle up

Pay per order using your company credit card or access an aggregate of all your company monthly meals in an invoice, payable using your favorite payment method.


Get excited

Plan a group order in a few hours or a few weeks. The group ordering tool can accomodate orders up to 2 hours before delivery. Want to make it a regular thing? Share a calendar with your employees of upcoming orders.

Why Groups Love Mobydish

A normally complex process of ordering food for your team is made simple and streamlined with our group ordering tool.

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Employees have the freedom to customize their own meals according to their personal tastes and dietary restrictions. Whether they're in the mood for a hearty sandwich, a fresh salad, or a vegetarian dish, they can choose the meal that best fits their hunger and needs.

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Having everyone orders their meals together through a shared platform fosters a sense of community. This can lead to increased collaboration and improved teamwork, creating a more positive and productive work environment.

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Control company expenses while allowing freedom of choice to your employees with our group ordering feature. Set budget limits and frequency restrictions, pay only for the difference and manage spending easily.

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Kimberly from Ebay

"Using Mobydish for over year and they're still beyond great! Always timely and tasty, I highly recommend Mobydish to anyone ordering catering food! No more headaches, only praises for me!"

Ann from Wharton

"Mobydish has made the job of ordering catering infinitely easier and less time consuming! Everyone thinks I work hard to source interesting catering options but Mobydish has done it all for me!"

Rebekah from NY Times

"Mobydish has made my life much easier when it comes to ordering food! Punctual deliveries, food is fantastic, and customer service is responsive. I'll continue to use them and have recommended them to everyone who needs catering!"

Terri from Docker

"I use Mobydish because they are complete professionals in every way. I've tried all the food delivery services and their drivers are the only ones that actually care about every aspect of the setup from delivery, to set up, to clean up."

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