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We provide catering services, sourced from hundreds of top restaurants for any occasion including breakfast, lunch, happy hour and dinner


Ready for Corporate Catering from the best restaurants?

Check out this sample of our restaurants from San Francisco, New York, and the South Bay Area

MobyDish catering New York Joes pizza
MobyDish San Francisco Lolo Catering
Catering HRD MobyDish
MobyDish Catering Mountain View Orens hummus
MobyDish San Francisco Sajj catering
Catering San Francisco MobyDish
MobyDish catering New-york Souvlaki GR
MobyDish catering New-York Sons of Thunder

Order Catering in San Francisco, South Bay and New-York

Besides our cute lil' whale...

How are Office Lunches and Corporate Catering with MobyDish Different?




Restaurants/Menus are hand-picked/curated by our team
Our drivers are individually trained to setup the food for you, provide labels and passed a strict background check

Get the best customer service from our trusted team of experts

We're the fairest marketplace with vendors and drivers. Our success is their success!

Know how many people you're feeding and your cost per head

Track your driver in real-time and forget about the social pressure, you're now a catering HERO!

Looking To Place Recurring Office Lunch Orders?

Happy employees means higher productivity! Begin Corporate Catering with MobyDish today!


A little teamwork can make a whale of a difference!

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We'll send out delicious office lunch ideas to review and automate your ordering. Update everything up to 1 day ahead


Enjoy delicious meals delivered to your office by the MobyDish Crew! 


 Companies that use MobyDish as their Catering Company

These are some of the heroes that satisfy their employees hunger through MobyDish

"MobyDish has made the job of ordering catering infinitely easier and less time consuming! Everyone thinks I work hard to source interesting catering options but MobyDish has done it all for me!"

"Easy to use, reliable and tasty: MobyDish is everything an office admin could dream of. I wish i could marry this little whale and get amazing food everyday."


"I can't recommend them enough. Outstanding customer service, vendor relationship exclusives, punctual deliveries, and a great user interface are perks one can expect from Mobydish."

"We love using MobyDish. They always have a variety of delicious catering options to choose from, their delivery service is excellent and their staff is always happy to help whenever we have a question!"




mobydish customer
catering new york mobydish

Set your catering order. Track your delivery. It's that simple.

How Does Corporate Catering with MobyDish Work?




On the day of your event, track your driver in real-time and relax -- our trained delivery crew will take care of everything for you.

Choose from a variety of mouthwatering dishes, which can be easily filtered for dietary needs. When your plate is full, we'll personally review each order.

Enter your event date, headcount and budget and we'll show you the best restaurants that we have to offer.

With our master caterer whale Moby at the helm, office catering or event catering is easy. Sit back and ride the wave of fresh cuisine with MobyDish.

Want That Extra Special Something?

Request for Premium Service to have a trained catering host staff your event for a truly exquisite dining experience!

Complete with chafing trays and sternos, our Premium Service uses the finest catering hosts that Moby has trained so that your event runs incredibly smoothly. 

They will take care of the service and provide a high-end experience so that you don’t have to worry about a thing! From start to finish, enjoy what it feels like to have MobyDish treat you and your guests like royalty!

(For real!)

Ready to join the next wave of catering? We have cookies!

Mouthwatering Food From Tasty Catering Companies

Spring Rolls from Freshroll

Marcella's Rigatoni with Pork Butt

City Smoke House's Pork Spareribs

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