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Corporate Catering Features

Let Mobydish be your marketplace of choice for corporate catering services from individual boxed lunches to buffet style and on-site service.

Our clients love us because we can provide menu suggestions with most timeline, any dietary restrictions and any headcount.

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Why You’ll Love Mobydish

At Mobydish, we pride ourselves on a service line that can support any corporate catering need in Austin, NYC and San Francisco bay area.

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From last-minute requests to partnerships with local restaurants that give us unique access to their delicious food, we are the answer to your officer catering conundrum.

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From the initial inquiry to the final clean up let one of our specialists work with you to determine the best menu while keeping in mind dietary restrictions and food sensitivities.

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The one thing that everyone will be sure to experience, is the delicious food that keeps our clients calling us again and again.

Catering Features

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Corporate catering

Restaurant experience to corporate world

Bring back a sense of community around shared values and shared food. What better way to boost company culture and promote socializing than by speaking everyone’s love language…food!

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Boxed lunches

To easy grab and go

Serve your corporate event with individually boxed meals. Enjoy sanitary grab-and-go options catered to different tastes. Perfect for lunches between meetings.

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Buffet-style Catering

Let us bring passion to your next event

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner our full-service buffet-style catering brings people together to connect. Our dynamic menu can support all dietary restrictions and food sensitivities, while introducing your team to new flavors and experiences.

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Last minute Corporate Catering

Don’t worry, we have your back

We get it — sometimes you need a miracle. Celebrate a company milestone, a holiday party, or anything in between with confidence that we’ll be there when you need us.

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Concierge Catering

Order effortlessly everytime

From recurring orders to bespoke menus, our concierge catering service covers all of the remaining gaps for corporate catering. Lock in a bulk bagel delivery every Friday morning, pre-planned lunches a few days a week or let us craft the menu of your holiday dinner.

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Group Order

Satisfy everyone

Don’t get stuck guessing what everyone wants to eat. Mobydish’s group ordering tool lets everyone choose their own meal and we take care of the rest.

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Top Companies That Trust Moby for Corporate Lunch Catering

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Kimberly from Ebay

"Using Mobydish for over year and they're still beyond great! Always timely and tasty, I highly recommend Mobydish to anyone ordering catering food! No more headaches, only praises for me!"

Ann from Wharton

"Mobydish has made the job of ordering catering infinitely easier and less time consuming! Everyone thinks I work hard to source interesting catering options but Mobydish has done it all for me!"

Rebekah from NY Times

"Mobydish has made my life much easier when it comes to ordering food! Punctual deliveries, food is fantastic, and customer service is responsive. I'll continue to use them and have recommended them to everyone who needs catering!"

Terri from Docker

"I use Mobydish because they are complete professionals in every way. I've tried all the food delivery services and their drivers are the only ones that actually care about every aspect of the setup from delivery, to set up, to clean up."

What it’s Like to Use Mobydish for Corporate Catering

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