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Happy Hour Catering in San Francisco Bay Area

There are many reasons to host an office happy hour: to celebrate the completion of a project, welcome a new team customer, or simply to thank your employees for their great work. Make your event truly special by ordering delicious snacks from one of our partner restaurants.

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La Fromagerie food
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La Fromagerie Catering

Over 4.5/5 ratings on Yelp! La Fromagerie boasts cheese from around the world with their freshly baked breads. If you love cheese and charcuterie, this is the place! Must try: Le toulouse with duck and platters with paté for Happy hours! Indulge in delicious and gourmet cheese-focused appetizers at La Fromagerie during happy hour catering. La Fromagerie excels in crafting mouth-watering sandwiches using an array of gourmet cheeses, with a French twist. Enjoy the carefully curated menu and elevated take on classic cheese plates.

Choux food
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Choux Catering

If you have yet to experience Choux's Cream Puffs, then you are in for a real treat! With 4/5 ratings on Yelp, Choux offers one of the best pastries the city has to offer. At our office, we absolutely love their Lemon and Matcha(seasonal) cream puffs! Satisfy your sweet tooth with delicate and flavorful cream puffs at Choux during happy hour catering. This bakery offers a variety of fillings and flavors, making it a must-visit for anyone with a sweet tooth. Perfect for a light and sweet happy hour snack.

Chubby Noodle food
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Chubby Noodle Catering

4/5 ratings on Yelp! Chubby Noodle will bring the fun to your office with their unique concept on asian fusion. We adore their noodles and fried chicken! Order with Chubby Noodle and enjoy the vibrant flavors they have to offer! Experience a creative spin on classic Asian dishes during happy hour catering at Chubby Noodle. Chubby Noodle is beloved for its fun atmosphere and delicious noodle dishes. Enjoy a range of Asian-inspired appetizers, such as dumplings, wings, and spring rolls, paired with a refreshing cocktail.

Mission Picnic food
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Mission Picnic Catering

4/5 ratings on Yelp! Rustic food that draws from the classic American picnic, using freshly sourced ingredients that are local and organic whenever possible. The Mozzapesto and Picnic Club never disappoint. Enjoy a contemporary take on classic American fare during happy hour at Mission Picnic. This eatery boasts a diverse menu that includes gourmet sandwiches, salads, and sides, perfect for sharing with friends. Their commitment to using fresh ingredients and creative flavor combinations has made them a local favorite for happy hour catering.

Lers Ros Thai food
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Lers Ros Thai Catering

4/5 on Yelp with over 1000 reviews! Lers Ros is dedicated to serving authentic, unique and fresh Thai dishes with exotic and international flavors. We love their Pad Kee Mow and Yellow Curry! We're sure you will, too! Transport your taste buds to Thailand during happy hour catering at Lers Ros Thai. With its authentic and flavorful Thai dishes, Lers Ros Thai has become a go-to place for those seeking a taste of traditional Thai cuisine. Enjoy a range of appetizers, such as crispy spring rolls, spicy wings, and savory dumplings, paired with a refreshing beer or cocktail.

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Wilson from Docker

"I've had the pleasure of eating Mobydish catering a bunch of times at my office. They always brought us delicious food that was affordable and had healthy options."

Sofija from NY Times

"On-time delivery. We used to use another service, but they would show up an hour late! That's some hungry engineers. Mobydish has been within a few minutes of perfectly on time every week. It's amazing."

Gretchen from Docker

"Mobydish can be used for private gatherings, as long as you have 8 or more friends invited for a party at home for example, it will make more sense than ordering individually for each of them. Overall, I highly recommend Mobydish!"

Ray from Docker

"The best part is: I hardly do anything! Ordering takes me 5 minutes tops. There's no such thing as a bad decision because everything they offer is super high quality."

Alma from NY Times

"I use Mobydish every week and it is amazing! The team loves it and I always get the best compliments."

Joyce from Wharton

"Outstanding customer service, vendor relationship exclusives, punctual deliveries, and a great user interface are just a few of the many perks one can expect from working with Mobydish."

Alexandra from NY Times

"I really like that ordering is very easy and quick, with a great selection of some of the best food in San Francisco, curated menus and "family style" dishes."

Andi from Ebay

"I can't recommend these guys enough. I use Mobydish frequently when I need to organize office functions and whether I'm ordering lunch for 20 or appetizers for 150, they've always got me covered."

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