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Dinner Catering in San Francisco Bay Area

Reward your employees’ workday with fresh and tasty dinner catering from Mobydish. Whether you need meals for a one-time meeting or a weekly office dinner, a custom-made dinner will get your team in the mood for the day.

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China Live food
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China Live Catering

Authentic and Traditional Chinese food from the heart of SF's China Town. With 4.5 stars and over 600 reviews, China Live is a must-try for lovers of Chinese food. Moby loves the flat-iron steak and the green beans - we think you will too! Experience the best of Chinese cuisine at China Live. This culinary destination features a variety of food stations, offering guests the chance to explore different regional specialties. With its commitment to authenticity and high-quality ingredients, it's the perfect spot for a delicious dinner catering.

Pacific Catch  food
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Pacific Catch Catering

4/5 on Yelp! This is one of the best place to combine fine dining culinary experience and California lifestyle with really high quality seafood! The rice bowls are very famous and tasty, we're recommending the Japanese Wasabi! Satisfy your seafood cravings at Pacific Catch. Their menu is full of fresh, sustainable seafood dishes that are both delicious and healthy. From fish tacos to clam chowder, there's something for everyone at this seafood spot.

Sweetgreen food
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Sweetgreen Catering

Simple, seasonal, healthy salads and grain bowls, made in-house from scratch, using the day's fresh produce. Sweetgreen is beloved across the country and has made its way to SF. We love the Spicy Thai salad! Looking for a healthy dinner catering option? Sweetgreen has got you covered. They offer a diverse selection of fresh, high-quality salads that are packed with nutrients and bursting with flavor. Their focus on seasonal ingredients and sustainability make them the perfect choice for a guilt-free dinner.

Dinner Catering Online User Reviews

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Joyce from Wharton

"Outstanding customer service, vendor relationship exclusives, punctual deliveries, and a great user interface are just a few of the many perks one can expect from working with Mobydish."

Andi from Ebay

"I can't recommend these guys enough. I use Mobydish frequently when I need to organize office functions and whether I'm ordering lunch for 20 or appetizers for 150, they've always got me covered."

Alexandra from NY Times

"I really like that ordering is very easy and quick, with a great selection of some of the best food in San Francisco, curated menus and "family style" dishes."

Gretchen from Docker

"Mobydish can be used for private gatherings, as long as you have 8 or more friends invited for a party at home for example, it will make more sense than ordering individually for each of them. Overall, I highly recommend Mobydish!"

Sofija from NY Times

"On-time delivery. We used to use another service, but they would show up an hour late! That's some hungry engineers. Mobydish has been within a few minutes of perfectly on time every week. It's amazing."

Wilson from Docker

"I've had the pleasure of eating Mobydish catering a bunch of times at my office. They always brought us delicious food that was affordable and had healthy options."

Alma from NY Times

"I use Mobydish every week and it is amazing! The team loves it and I always get the best compliments."

Ray from Docker

"The best part is: I hardly do anything! Ordering takes me 5 minutes tops. There's no such thing as a bad decision because everything they offer is super high quality."

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